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If you’re out on the web searching for custom framing shops in the Salem, Oregon area, be aware that your results might not be what you expect.  You could end up looking at builders and contractor sites for framing houses instead of picture framing.  To narrow your search, try using “custom picture framing” in your search. There are several options in our local area for picture framing including our gallery, at least four privately-owned shops and a couple of craft stores that offer framing services. You may also notice some of the paid ads that show up at the top of the page for big box stores and online picture framing outlets.

Although for some projects, these online and big-box stores might be ok, you’re certainly not getting the personal attention, design expertise or conservation quality materials that you need to frame your important artwork. There are a lot of attractive offers and coupons available for framing but when it comes to creating framing, lowest prices should never be the first consideration.

Ordering custom framing online is convenient but the old adage “You get what you pay for,” is really true when it come to our industry.  Most of the time, online stores offer a quite limited selection of framing options and most of those options don’t include conservation quality materials. Shipping of framed artwork can also be tricky when glass is included, so make sure that they cover damages to your artwork before you order your framing.

The truth is that most of our locally-owned shops offer close to the same pricing for commonly ordered frames and mats. The differences between most shops in our area have to do more with what the individual stores can offer in expertise, selection of in-stock materials and design knowledge. As I mentioned, price alone shouldn’t be the determining factor when choosing a framer.  In the next section are some hints that might help you narrow your search for the right custom framer.

The Value is in the experience.

So, how does one go about finding the right frame shop? You can check Yelp or other rating services for customer reviews or go to their websites, but the best way to find out which frame shop is best for your framing needs, we always advise you visit them in person. Entrusting your treasured memories to any framer starts with developing a relationship of trust. When visiting a frame shop, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I feel welcome as a customer?
  2. Do I feel like I am part of the process?
  3. Do I feel like the framer really cares about my project?
  4. Do I feel like my questions are answered in language that I can understand?
  5. Do I feel confident that I’m leaving my project in good hands?
  6. Do I feel like I’m getting the best value (regardless of price), for my framing project?

If you can answer yes to at least 5 of these questions, then you’ve probably found the right fit in a framer. We have previously published a blog on “What to look for in a good frame shop,” if you want to delve deeper into some of the qualifications we value at our shop. There are also professional organizations like PPFA (Professional Picture Framers Assn) and a lot of helpful blogs available about picture framing. Word of mouth is still a pretty good indicator for choosing a frame shop along with their individual websites and social media. Our framing website is and we welcome anyone to browse our site to learn about our framing options.

Elisnore Framings team of framing and design specialists, Brent Allen, Laura England, and

So why choose the Elsinore Framing & Art Gallery?

Nobody in business takes the time to write an article like this without including a commercial, so here’s ours: 

We believe that our shop offers the best selection and value along with the best design experience in our area. That is not to say that any of our competitors don’t have something to bring to the table and each shop has unique offerings. We invite comparison and welcome competing bids on projects. However, our main priorities are the preservation and quality aspects of the framing process, so we’d rather “do it right than do it cheap.” We realize that this commitment means that we might be perceived as too expensive for some projects. That being said, with our selection, product knowledge and large in-stock inventory, we will make every effort to find a creative and appropriate design at the best possible price.

Our Commitment

Your art and framing choices are based on your feelings, memories and experiences and we try to respect that regardless of the size, cost or value of the framing project.  It is our goal to make our customers feel welcome and comfortable with the design and framing process.  We will listen to your ideas and take into consideration your design aesthetic while making the best recommendations for preserving your artwork. There is no substitute for experience in an industry like ours and we take pride in having over 30 years in business in the Salem area. That, coupled with the one of the most complete design centers in Oregon, ensures that we can create designs that are creative and conservation quality.

At the core of our picture framing ideals is the belief that each project is valuable and important, regardless of the amount you spend framing it or how much the artwork is worth.   We advertise with the slogan: “We don’t just frame pictures, we frame memories” because when you choose to custom frame something, you are preserving the memory of how you came to own the item. Whether it’s a child’s drawing, family heirloom or a fine artwork you bought at a gallery, it means something to you. This also reflects our personal commitment to providing you with the best quality framing and design experience. We’d love to help you frame some of your memories.

Brent Allen-General Manager

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