How long does it take to frame a picture

At the Elsinore framing & gallery, we are often faced with project deadlines on framing that would make other framers cringe.  Most often however, most clients just want the project completed correctly and are more concerned about the finished design than the timeline.  For those who need a piece done quickly, there are some great options available that help to expedite the process.

Custom framing shouldn’t have to take weeks to complete.  Typically, our shop can take a project from design table to the customer’s hands in 7-10 days. There are projects that require special techniques and materials that might extend that timeline, they include:

  1. Fabric or canvas stretching.
  2. Specialty frames such as custom shapes, ovals or closed corner frames.
  3. Specialty glazing such as cut acrylic, oversized glass or mirrors.
  4. Complex or intricate designs, plaques or shadowbox/collage work.
  5. Photo restorations, art cleaning or printing services-which are contracted out.

If a project is needed quickly, we recommend using our in-stock framing selections.  Our frame shop has over 4,000 length foot of frame moulding and over 400 mats in-stock, plus a wide selection of wood ready-made frames in standard sizes available. We also use a CMC or computerized mat cutter for the majority of our mat cutting, which saves time and money. 

Super Value framing-

As mentioned above, we have a large selection of in-stock custom framing options available. If we have the right frame in our Super Value in-stocks, we can certainly expedite you project.  These are also available at substantial savings without the need for coupons or special.  Check out our Select “bundle” program for even more savings on these.

Frame It Fast Ready-mades-

Need it soon? …Need it next day?  We can usually get your project completed that quick with our Frame It Fast wood frames.  These are pre-built, standard-sized frames that are great for quick projects or DIY creations.  We can cut custom matting and assemble your project within 24 hours.

Custom-ordered Frames-

If we don’t find what you’re looking for in our in-stock selections, we have custom order options from Northwest companies like Larson-Juhl and Framer’s Inventory our major suppliers which deliver directly to us each week.  As long as you order by Tuesday at noon, we can usually get your custom order projects done by Saturday (see exceptions above).   We do have some suppliers who are outside of our normal delivery areas and in order to expedite those frames, we may need to add some extra shipping expenses.

In case of emergency…

worst case scenario is that you wait too long or don’t get your order in on-time and need your custom order project sooner than 3-5 days.  In those circumstances, we can usually accommodate you but there may a small rush charge added to your order.   Consider one of our in-stock solutions if these situations arise.  Visit us in person with your project at Elsinore Framing-444 Ferry St. SE in downtown Salem. Your source for custom framing in Salem Oregon.