Ready Made Frames in Salem, Oregon

Frame it Fast Center at Elsinore Framing

You can find Thousands of styles of frames at Elsinore Framing in many different materials

Frame It Fast with High-Quality Premade Frames

Elsinore Framing is proud to offer sturdy, ready-made frames to all Frame It Fast customers. Our focus is always on using quality materials to create beautiful frames that will last for years to come. That’s why we have built our premade frames to gallery standards.

When you buy a fully assembled frame from Elsinore Framing, you will get:

  • An affordable, high-quality frame
  • Access to archival quality matboard blanks
  • Access to our expert frame artists
  • A wide selection of colors, finishes, and mounting options

Convenience Combined With Quality

Our Frame It Fast Center offers beautiful pre-built, ready-made wood frames that can typically be finished in a day or less. These standard-size frames are built with the same care and expertise we apply to everything we do, with the added convenience of speed and affordability.

Each frame can be customized using pre-cut, acid-free mat blanks along with quality wall mounting or tabletop designs.
Frame It Fast was created to provide people on a budget with quick, affordable options that still uphold the superior quality standards you have come to expect from Elsinore Framing. We are proud to offer our fully assembled frames to Salem, Albany, Keizer, and surrounding communities.

You can find Thousands of styles of frames at Elsinore Framing in many different materials

Super Value Basics

Select from over 250 quality wood frames in our Super Value Basics line. These frames are priced at 50% OFF all year-round, meaning you get quality framing at a great price while eliminating the need for coupons or special sales.

You can find Thousands of styles of frames at Elsinore Framing in many different materials

Super Value Select

Our Super Value Select program featuring special bundle pricing on 20 of our in-stock frames. Choose from these high-quality wood frames, 1 in-stock mat, clear glass, backing and assembly all for one great price. Custom sizes start at 5 x 7.

You can find Thousands of styles of frames at Elsinore Framing in many different materials

Super Value Metals

Our popular original bundle program features beautiful, quality Nielsen and Clark frames with your choice of moulding, clear glass, backing, and assembly included. It’s one of our most popular and economic solutions for more contemporary picture framing.

You can find Thousands of styles of frames at Elsinore Framing in many different materials

Custom Order Selections

We have 1000’s of wood and metal frames available through our design center.  From the Basics to the most exquisite options, our custom-order selections are hand-curated for style, variety and quality.  

You can find Thousands of styles of frames at Elsinore Framing in many different materials

Frame It Fast

Quality ready-made frames are hard to find at most retailers. We build ours with quality and durability in mind using real wood frames and attention to detail. We offer them in a variety of sizes and finishes from 5 x 7 up to 24 x 36. They are great for DIY projects, Mirrors, canvas art and more. Save time and money with our Frame It Fast selections.

Providing Affordable Framing Options

The ready-made frames constructed by our skilled designers are built to deliver a significant impact on any budget. We are happy to help you complete your fast framing project or DIY venture with beautifully finished frames, quality matting, unique mounts, and several glass options.

Custom Office Picture Framing in Salem, Oregon

Made to Gallery Standards

All Frame-It-Fast premade picture frames are built using in-stock frame remnants and “short-stick” molding. Each frame is constructed to our gallery standards and is far superior to the readymades available in chain stores. These beautiful frames are one-of-a-kind, though they come in standardized sizes.

Each of our Frame-It-Fast frames was built with quality in mind. Our goal is to conserve your beautiful artwork so that you can treasure it over the many years to come.

Corporate Picture Framing in Salem, Oregon

Quality Matting

All of our mat boards are acid-free and high-quality. We know that you want to preserve your artwork – even when you’re on a budget. That’s why the matting provided by Elsinore Framing is built to protect the photo, painting, or other work.

You can customize your premade frame with a selection of pre-cut mat blanks for 16 x 20″ and smaller sizes or hire our design experts to complete your project for a small additional charge. We will be happy to help you find the right mat to accent your piece.

Museum Quality Office Picture Framing in Salem, Oregon

Quick and Affordable

The Frame It Fast center is convenient and well-stocked with frames, mat selections and more. The store is designed for quick, easy, and price-conscious framing. Our ready-mades are priced at 50-70% off regular retail price. You can choose to purchase the frame as-is or utilize our craftsman to customize it with your choice of pre-cut matting, glass, and other add-ons.

We are proud to provide economical frames built at our gallery standards to residents, interior decorators, and businesses in the Salem area.

Elsinore Framing Corporate Innovation

Standard Sizes

Quality ready-made frames in a variety of sizes are difficult to find at most retailers, which is why our Frame-It-Fast picture frames are so popular among those on a budget. We build every premade frame with quality and durability in mind – using real wood frames and paying attention to every detail.

We offer them in a variety of sizes and finishes from 5×7” up to 24×36”. These readymades are available in a variety of colors and molding designs.

Perfect for Your Next Project

Frame-It-Fast picture frames are excellent options for wall-mounted or tabletop pictures. They are also great for DIY projects, making a mirror stand out, showcasing treasured photographs, preserving canvas art, and more. Every made-to-display frame comes in a wide range of standard sizes and is designed to protect and exhibit your beloved art.
Additionally, these quality frames are built to be affordable. So, if you plan to use them in a DIY project, as part of an art installation, or in a temporary display, they are very budget-friendly.

Visit our Frame it Fast Center!

We are proud to offer affordable, readymade picture frames to the communities in Salem, Albany, Keizer, surrounding areas in Oregon.

If you are shopping for readymade frames, we hope you will visit our Frame It Fast Center in the heart of downtown Salem, OR. There you will find our high-quality premade frames, built to gallery standards. Additionally, you will gain access to our team of skilled designers who can provide you with a variety of finishing options at an affordable cost.

Give us a call or shoot us your framing request today. We would be glad to help you find the perfect frame for your piece.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Satisfied Customer Reviews:

They have custom framed two special needlework pieces for me and both have turned out spectacular. I am working on another one and looking forward to having them frame it when it’s finished. They take their time to do an excellent job and make really constructive suggestions about coordinating frames and mats, but leave the final decision up to the customer. Top flight shop and I won’t go anywhere else with my precious needlework.
~Helen B.
Elsinore Framing has done many custom frame jobs for me. They provide great customer service and consistently have a good eye for what will make a piece of artwork pop or fit in with other pieces I have at home. They also have a great gallery of already framed pieces from local artists that make we wish I had more space to add to my collection.
~Joyce B.
The Elsinore Framing and Fine Art Gallery is a wonderful place to visit to see outstanding works of art and to share works of art at special monthly events highlighting various art media that are open to the public. The gallery is organized in a manner that highlights each artist’s work, making for easy viewing in a comfortable and relaxed setting. For folks looking for beautiful works of art by artists from all over the country, the Elsinore Framing and Fine Art Gallery is a must stop when visiting Salem!
~Larry G.
As a new artist I was lost and didn’t know where to take my paintings. Brent and the Staff at Elsinore have made me feel very welcome. They are hard working and very dedicated to that work. I commend them for what they do on a daily basis. Also if you are looking to have a piece framed I can tell you they do excellent work you won’t be disappointed.
~Cory C.
I had created an oil painting needed a custom frame created for the artwork. The interaction for selecting the materials was fast and the frame was created quickly and with good quality. I was very satisfied with Brent and his enthusiasm and willingness to understand my restrictions. The final framing was great! Just what I needed and when I needed it!
~Jim R.
I’ve had two pictures for gifts and my college diploma framed by Elsinore Gallery and Framing. I was and continue to be impressed by the quality of work that they do! Steve and Barb are very friendly and helpful. I always enjoy spending time and having a conversation with them. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
~Jared V.
Very helpful! I have never had anything framed before. I bought two photos and had no idea what I wanted. I was given some great ideas that helped get me to discover what I liked. Totally painless and thrilled with the results!
~Linda P.