Corporate Art Selection

We will hand-curate a collection that represents your business, style and decor needs.

Art Curation Services offered by the Elsinore Framing & Art Gallery

We provide in-person consultations at your business to help you build and coordinate a corporate art collection that…

  1. Reflects your business and corporate image.
  2. Coordinates with your office decor and color scheme.
  3. Contributes to the customer and client environment.
  4. Is Upscale with your budget in mind.

We have many local and national connections with artists, print dealers/distributors and interior design contractors. Through our vast resources, we can custom-curate your walls and art spaces to truly reflect your business.  Whether your preference is modern/contemporary, Landscape/floral or “cowboy chic,”  we can find great artwork for all the areas in your business that need a splash of color. Some of the areas we can explore with you are..

  1. Photography- printed on paper, wood, metal or even acrylic-mounted.
  2. Original paintings or printed works on canvas.
  3. Limited Edition Artwork-Encompassing most major themes/styles.
  4. Sculptural accents and ceramics.
  5. Specialized collage artwork and art panel designs.
  • We will meet with you and your design consultants to determine number of artworks needed, placement and budget for each area.

  • Once the art is determined, we then create mock-ups for each area or grouping to compile a power-point or slide presentation for review (See example below).

  • We provide budget statements for each area as your project develops.

  • We will stage larger projects to fit within your yearly spending cycles and priority needs.