On-Site Consultations

We will work with you and your design team at your location to coordinate art and framing for your business.

Obviously, there has been a lot of virtual interaction and consultations happening lately but we feel in order to get a better idea about your individual art needs, personal visits are important to the process. We offer free initial consultations within a 60 mile radius of Salem, OR. and we’re happy to meet with you at your convenience.  We can help you identify key areas for art placement, decor or furniture suggestions to improve the environment, and make specific recommendations for each type of work/customer area.

  • If you have staff or committee personal that need to be a part of the decision-making process, they are welcome to join either live or virtually.
  • If there are any security requirements needed to visit your location, please let us know ahead of our scheduled visit.
  • If you already have facility-owned artwork that you would like to include in your project, make sure it’s available so our staff can photograph it for future reference.
  • If you know your corporate goals: Number of artworks, budget and type of artwork needed ahead of our visit, that helps us get the project started much more efficiently.

Once we begin your project together, we can arrange further visits and/or online consultations as needed.  Our art consultation fees are nominal and depending on the size of the project and time requirements, we can accomplish a complete curation for you for much less than other professional interior design services.

Elsinore Corporate Art Consultations