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Our memories are dear to us, whether we are capturing them through photographs, preserving them with keepsakes, or commemorating them with mementos. However, often photos stay in digital albums and mementos go into cardboard boxes. Sometimes remembrances get a prime spot on a dusty shelf somewhere, only to get lost among all the other keepsakes.

What if there were a way to conveniently display your favorite or most important memories without taking up shelf or storage space? Fortunately, there is! Check out the ideas from Elsinore Framing in Salem, Oregon, on how framing memorabilia can not only create interesting art pieces but assure that our most valuable items stay in their best condition.

Elsinore Gallery Framed Basketball Jersey in Salem Oregon

Use A Shadow Box Frame

Shadow box frames are customizable and make an excellent solution for bulkier items like a baby’s first outfit, hunting gear, and more. There is no end to what can be displayed in a shadow box frame, as the box can be made to fit the item’s dimensions.

Additionally, a shadow box can house many pieces, thereby telling a complete story. For example, a soldier who has moved on to civilian life may want to frame his uniform, a photo of his unit, a purple heart medal, and a challenge coin. All can be positioned, secured, and framed within a shadow box to tell the complete story of his military career. Alternatively, a sports fan may want to frame a jersey of their favorite player or the first baseball they caught at a game and the game tickets.

Not only is a shadow box display a beautiful way to showcase and preserve your memories, but it can also make a wonderful gift to a loved one. If you have a grandparent with dusty memorabilia or a sibling who stores important keepsakes in a box, it may be time to take out those important pieces and gift that family member with Elsinore Framing’s custom frame and design services.

Elsinore Gallery Framed Basketball Jersey in Salem Oregon
Military Metals Framed Vintage Memorabilia Photo Case

Try A Classic Frame for a Non-Traditional Item

Any piece that is slim enough to fit in a conventional frame can be placed in one. This can include traditional paper items like baby shower cards, newspaper or magazine clippings, certifications, or vintage photographs. However, you may also be able to place something like a silk scarf or some beautiful needlepoint in a traditional frame as well.

Framing keepsakes can be a wonderful way to share beautiful pieces that may otherwise be overlooked. It can also bring new life to an old piece. For example, if your child has bloomed as an artist over the years, digging up and framing her first piece of art ever created may spark joy and inspiration. Or, if you have traveled far and wide, framing travel tickets or unique pieces from across the world like scarves and saris can create interest throughout your home.

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Elsinore Framing is ready to help you with all of your memorabilia framing needs! Call or visit our store in Salem, Oregon. We’re happy to help design the perfect custom frame for all of your important keepsakes. Contact us and let us answer any questions you may have.

Salem’s Choice for Finding the Perfect Memorabilia Frame

Often, one wants the keepsake, artwork, or memento to stand out – not the frame. This is something we keep at the top of mind during any project. Sometimes, uniformity of framing between pieces allows the work to catch a viewer’s eyes. However, in other circumstances, a unique frame creates a standout moment, allowing the whole piece to shine and become the focal point in any room.

No matter the goal, you can count on Elsinore Framing, your Willamette Valley frame specialists, to provide you with beautiful custom framing and design. Contact us today for all of your framing needs.

You can find Thousands of styles of frames at Elsinore Framing in many different materials

Floater Frames

These frames are an emerging trend with today’s gallery-wrapped canvas art and panel designs. We have a complete selection of sizes and finishes available in our custom order department.

You can find Thousands of styles of frames at Elsinore Framing in many different materials

Metal Frames

For a more contemporary look, consider one of our quality metals frames from Nielsen, Clark and Designer molding in over 30 styles and 100’s of colors and finishes.

You can find Thousands of styles of frames at Elsinore Framing in many different materials

Closed Corners

These new closed corner designer frames offer high-quality, seamless finishes with lots of customization options. Old world craftsmanship with contemporary design.

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We invite you to visit our downtown Salem location to discover how we can help you preserve your treasured memories.

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Satisfied Customer Reviews:

They have custom framed two special needlework pieces for me and both have turned out spectacular. I am working on another one and looking forward to having them frame it when it’s finished. They take their time to do an excellent job and make really constructive suggestions about coordinating frames and mats, but leave the final decision up to the customer. Top flight shop and I won’t go anywhere else with my precious needlework.
~Helen B.
Elsinore Framing has done many custom frame jobs for me. They provide great customer service and consistently have a good eye for what will make a piece of artwork pop or fit in with other pieces I have at home. They also have a great gallery of already framed pieces from local artists that make we wish I had more space to add to my collection.
~Joyce B.
The Elsinore Framing and Fine Art Gallery is a wonderful place to visit to see outstanding works of art and to share works of art at special monthly events highlighting various art media that are open to the public. The gallery is organized in a manner that highlights each artist’s work, making for easy viewing in a comfortable and relaxed setting. For folks looking for beautiful works of art by artists from all over the country, the Elsinore Framing and Fine Art Gallery is a must stop when visiting Salem!
~Larry G.
As a new artist I was lost and didn’t know where to take my paintings. Brent and the Staff at Elsinore have made me feel very welcome. They are hard working and very dedicated to that work. I commend them for what they do on a daily basis. Also if you are looking to have a piece framed I can tell you they do excellent work you won’t be disappointed.
~Cory C.
I had created an oil painting needed a custom frame created for the artwork. The interaction for selecting the materials was fast and the frame was created quickly and with good quality. I was very satisfied with Brent and his enthusiasm and willingness to understand my restrictions. The final framing was great! Just what I needed and when I needed it!
~Jim R.
I’ve had two pictures for gifts and my college diploma framed by Elsinore Gallery and Framing. I was and continue to be impressed by the quality of work that they do! Steve and Barb are very friendly and helpful. I always enjoy spending time and having a conversation with them. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
~Jared V.
Very helpful! I have never had anything framed before. I bought two photos and had no idea what I wanted. I was given some great ideas that helped get me to discover what I liked. Totally painless and thrilled with the results!
~Linda P.