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Elsinore Corporate Art Framing in Salem Oregon

Style Your Office at Elsinore Framing

Creating a beautifully designed and decorated office, company headquarters, or corporate building is a simple way to make the right impression with valuable clients. That’s why the Elsinore Framing and Gallery works directly with you, other local interior designers and contractors to perfectly encapsulate your company’s messaging and purpose in art.

Well-chosen artwork, along with proper framing and matting, has a lasting impact. The right art can:

  • Amplify messaging
  • Convey a company’s core values
  • Tell your brand’s story
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Spur creativity

With company production, customer comfort, and successful marketing strategies hanging on important design decisions, we hope you will consult with our experts to make the right choices for your business.

You Can Count on Our Designers

The expert art curators, framers, and designers at Elsinore Framing will work with your team to create the perfect look for your business. We are proud to provide corporate art and custom framing for companies across Oregon, serving our local Salem businesses as well as brands in Albany, Keizer, and Sublimity.

Elsinore Corporate Art Consultations

On-Site Consultations

We will work with you and your design team at your location to coordinate art and framing for your business.

Elsinore Corporate Artwork Collection

Corporate Art Selection

We will hand-curate a collection that represents your business, style and decor needs.


Elsinore Framing and Design Services

Framing & Design Services

Once you’ve selected artwork, our talented designers will create custom framing that complements your collection.

Elsinore Corporate Picture Framing Estimates in Salem, Oreogn

 Budgeting & Estimates

We will work with your budget, offering you the most cost-effective art & framing available with free estimates.

Customize Your Company Frame Design to Enhance Your Messaging

Elsinore Framing has been serving businesses in Salem and surrounding cities for over thirty years. Our team of expert framers is here to curate, enhance, and preserve your corporate art collection utilizing museum-quality matting, award-winning framing techniques, and years of design experience.

Custom Office Picture Framing in Salem, Oregon

Custom Frame Design

Customized framing fulfills two needs. First is the need to frame artwork in an odd size or shape. Second is the need to provide a consistent look throughout every building or office in a corporate space. This can be done by utilizing a particular color or style of frame, by imprinting the matting with a company logo, or by ensuring the framing material or finish remains consistent throughout every room or building.

Frame design takes every aspect of the art and the client’s space into consideration and provides the appropriate molding, matting, glass, and finish to beautifully display a piece of art.

Corporate Picture Framing in Salem, Oregon

Your Project is Our Passion

Elsinore Framing is proud to provide over 300 styles of custom molding, as well as a large selection of ready-made frames. Every frame we design is of high-quality and made to stand the test of time.

Whether it is a single picture frame, display of awards, or a large volume project, we take the time to ensure everything is done just right. Our skilled designers work with your space, color, and budget to supply you with the perfect frame for your workspace.

No matter your budget or project size, we can accommodate you.

Museum Quality Office Picture Framing in Salem, Oregon

Museum Quality

The art you chose to hang on your office walls represents an investment, and we are here to help you preserve that investment. That is why we provide acid-free, museum-quality, conservation matting, and UV-filtering glass that protects your artwork.

Our designers are passionate about protecting your corporate artwork, memorabilia, and awards with quality products that will last for years to come.
Even our ready-made frames are built to gallery standards, making them superior to anything premade found at a big box store.

We are prepared to preserve your memories with quality products that you can afford.

Elsinore Framing Corporate Innovation

Embracing Innovation

The team at Elsinore Framing are well-versed in the latest customization technologies. We are equipped to provide custom-designed and branded matting, multi-angled frames, etched-in logos, and more. Our corporate clients have taken advantage of our logo design and etching technology. We have to tools to imprint branding into the mat board of every piece we frame.

Our design team has been working in custom framing for decades and continually keeps up-to-date with the latest technologies, design theory, and more. Take advantage of our experience and the unique tools available at Elsinore Framing.

Share your vision with us today.

Elsinore Framing Connect with Local Artists

Looking for an Artist to Help You Style Your Office?

Let us help you style your office environment with quality art and framing. The Elsinore Framing & Art Gallery has connections with most art publishers, frame suppliers and 100’s of local artists. We have the experience and design expertise plus one of the most productive framing shops in the Pacific Northwest.

Providing Professional Framing Services

Elsinore Framing is here to meet all of your corporate framing needs on-time, on budget, and with ease. Our highly skilled designers are available to consult on any project, big or small. We are happy to work with your interior designer, contractor, marketing team, and others to design and build the matting, frames, and glass that will showcase and preserve your artwork and your branding for years to come.

We are proud to serve businesses in Salem, Oregon and surrounding communities like Keizer and Albany. If you are a local business owner or are planning to open a franchise in our area, get in touch with our design team.

Talk With A Design Consultant & Find the Perfect Frame

Our design consultants are passionate about providing beautiful, archival-quality framing options for every award, piece of art, certificate, or memorabilia in your corporate collection. Whether you are decorating your office or an entire company, we will find the right framing solution to fit with your business decor. Get in touch today to begin your project with one of our designers.

Every frame created at Elsinore Framing is built with superior materials. This quality assurance promise leaves our designers free to partner with customers to create the frame that fits their aesthetic needs – while protecting their treasured art. We offer beautiful finishing options like closed corners or gallery-wrapped floater frames and are happy to discuss the design that best enhances your artwork.

Discover the Perfect Corporate Art at Our Salem Gallery!

Elsinore Framing works with hundreds of local artists and art publishers to discover the pieces that best fit your company culture, branding, and interior decoration. Our designers and gallery administrators work together to provide you with the perfect art for your business.

Visit us at our downtown Salem location to find out how we can help you frame your current collection or decorate a new corporate office.

You can get started right now by filling out our online custom framing request form. Just click on the link below and submit your Custom Framing Request to get started.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Satisfied Customer Reviews:

They have custom framed two special needlework pieces for me and both have turned out spectacular. I am working on another one and looking forward to having them frame it when it’s finished. They take their time to do an excellent job and make really constructive suggestions about coordinating frames and mats, but leave the final decision up to the customer. Top flight shop and I won’t go anywhere else with my precious needlework.
~Helen B.
Elsinore Framing has done many custom frame jobs for me. They provide great customer service and consistently have a good eye for what will make a piece of artwork pop or fit in with other pieces I have at home. They also have a great gallery of already framed pieces from local artists that make we wish I had more space to add to my collection.
~Joyce B.
The Elsinore Framing and Fine Art Gallery is a wonderful place to visit to see outstanding works of art and to share works of art at special monthly events highlighting various art media that are open to the public. The gallery is organized in a manner that highlights each artist’s work, making for easy viewing in a comfortable and relaxed setting. For folks looking for beautiful works of art by artists from all over the country, the Elsinore Framing and Fine Art Gallery is a must stop when visiting Salem!
~Larry G.
As a new artist I was lost and didn’t know where to take my paintings. Brent and the Staff at Elsinore have made me feel very welcome. They are hard working and very dedicated to that work. I commend them for what they do on a daily basis. Also if you are looking to have a piece framed I can tell you they do excellent work you won’t be disappointed.
~Cory C.
I had created an oil painting needed a custom frame created for the artwork. The interaction for selecting the materials was fast and the frame was created quickly and with good quality. I was very satisfied with Brent and his enthusiasm and willingness to understand my restrictions. The final framing was great! Just what I needed and when I needed it!
~Jim R.
I’ve had two pictures for gifts and my college diploma framed by Elsinore Gallery and Framing. I was and continue to be impressed by the quality of work that they do! Steve and Barb are very friendly and helpful. I always enjoy spending time and having a conversation with them. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
~Jared V.
Very helpful! I have never had anything framed before. I bought two photos and had no idea what I wanted. I was given some great ideas that helped get me to discover what I liked. Totally painless and thrilled with the results!
~Linda P.