We will work with your budget, offering you the most cost-effective art & framing available with free estimates, easy payments and more.

Elsinore Framing Free Custom Picture Framing Estimates in Salem Oregon

Have a budget in mind for you project?

  • We can help you build a project around your budget needs.
  • We can scale and develop your project in part or as a whole.
  • We can help you prioritize and schedule elements in your project.
  • We can find creatively economize your project to better fit your expectations.


We Need Help Getting Estimates

We Need help Getting estimates

  • We can help you with our 100% Free estimates on all project sizes.
  • We will work with you to achieve a realistic and “friendly” art estimate
  • We will price match with other area galleries and frame shops on the same products.
  • We will stand behind our art and framing pricing estimates for 90 days.