Picture Framed

Obviously, we’d love for everyone to choose our frame shop, but we realize that we might be too far away for from you to make that practical.  If you’re out on the hunt for picture framing, you’ll find a wide variety of frame shops, craft stores and online options.  There are some keywords that can narrow your search, as well as review sites for these shops. First, start your search with the term custom picture framing rather than just picture framing or frame shops.

You can get more specific by looking directly at their websites make sure they feature quality materials, designed to help you preserve your artwork in the process.  If low price is your main consideration, you might select a shop that specializes in readymade frames or shop one of the online retailers. Our advice with these is always do your research. Please Note: It is common for many online stores and big-box retailers to use polystyrene (plastic) frames, paper mats and even cardboard backing, all of which can be detrimental to your project in the long-run. 

This video explains it even better:

We always recommend using a local framer because you can sit down with them and custom design your project rather than rely on “cookie-cutter” designs or very limited online availability. You can discuss mat colors, frame options and glass choices that are appropriate for each type of artwork, décor or budget. Check your local listings for custom picture frame shops that meet the following criteria:

  1. FOCUS- Make sure that Picture framing is the mainstay of their business.
  2. SELECTION-The shop offers a full-range of matting and framing options.
  3. CONSERVATION-They offer high-quality framing materials, not just ready-made solutions and paper mats.  Ask them about the difference and if they don’t know, don’t go there.
  4. DESIGN- The staff needs to be experienced in helping you find the best solutions and options for your projects.
  5. QUALITY- From the design counter to finished project, the shop should be able to demonstrate their commitment to the very best quality in both materials and workmanship. 

If a frame shop is primarily concerned with the above 5 criteria, the reviews from their clients should reflect that.  Check online reviews for your local shops to see which stand out, but don’t be fooled by paid ads or online promotions.  Word of mouth is also a great tool for finding reliable frame shops and of course, do your own online.

Your best option is to visit the frame shops, get estimates and work with the designers in person.  That way, you’ll know if you’re comfortable with the process and confident in their expertise.  Custom picture framing is an investment in quality and although it can seem expensive, it’s better to pay a bit more to have it done right, than to have to replace your artwork or re-frame your project later.

Visit our store at 444 Ferry St. SE in downtown Salem, OR to learn more getting a custom picture framed in Salem Oregon.