Custom framing your artwork, photos, and memorabilia is an easy way to add a personalized touch to your decor while also helping preserve your precious memories. Unframed pictures and artwork can quickly and easily become torn or tattered when not protected properly. Investing in custom framing at your local framing shop can help protect your photos and art pieces for years to come. Elsinore Framing & Gallery, centrally located in Salem, Oregon, has been serving the entire Willamette Valley and beyond for more than 30 years.  Elsinore founders and Oregon Natives, Steve and Barb Narkaus, first opened shop in a small mall location back in 1986 and have the gallery has been happily serving the area ever since. 

After major expansions in 2007 and 2016, Elsinore Gallery has continued to grow in both their art and gallery related offerings and their custom framing options. When asked why a new website became necessary for the business, Brent Allen, general manager said: “While having one website sufficed for years, we found that our gallery site was getting too crowded and hard to navigate with all of the art, events and the growing gallery store.” So, while their physical location remains the same, the gallery has officially launched its new, custom framing specific website. The new website allows for easier navigation, as well as provides even more information on custom framing, and other services Elsinore Framing can offer. 

At Elsinore Gallery and Framing, they know that your home is more than just four walls you happen to reside in. They are passionate about art and custom framing, and how it not only enhances your home or office, but contributes to the feeling you get while you, and others, are there. Elsinore Gallery and Framing really is your one-stop shop for sprucing up your environment. Check out their 4,000 square foot art display or bring in your own pieces or photos to have them custom framed on-site. In addition to traditional framing services, Elsinore Framing can arrange for printing images on surfaces like wood, metal, and canvas, as well as restoring, cleaning and refurbishing art pieces. Have your pieces framed on-the-fly in one of their ready-to-go wood frames, or custom design the look from start to finish with their framing professionals. They can even create nameplates, plaques, and collage elements to enhance your pieces. 

Elsinore Framing & Art Gallery is located in downtown Salem, Oregon and is available Monday-Saturday for walk-in inquiries. If you are not located in the Salem area and want to learn more about their custom framing services, you can find them at