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Salem Oregon is a great place to live and to do business.  I suppose it’s part of our pioneering spirit but Oregonians seem to want to have all of the advantages of big city life while keeping the traditional values of small town America.  We have our share of chain-stores and large retailers but many of our small local downtown shops have been in existence for decades under the same ownership.  Some of these stores have even remained in the same families.  It is part of the unique character of our downtown that creates our hometown feeling, even in our recent expansion and growth. With corporate buyouts and big-box retailers being the norm in today’s economy, it is refreshing to see small business survive and thrive in our city. 

At the Elsinore Framing & Art Gallery, we are proud to have served the Salem area for over 33 years.  For thirty of those years, the store kept the same owners and largely, the same staff. Although the ownership has changed in the last 3 years, we are still very committed to providing the best in custom picture framing along with an ever-growing stable of local artists in our gallery.  As we look to a new decade, we maintain the same commitment to the Salem community that it’s founders started with back in 1986. 

Our identity as a business is tied to the Northwest in not only our commitment to our location but also in the friendly and welcoming presence of our store.  Part of the downtown Salem “Vibe” is the small-town feeling that you get from shopping at it’s many smaller boutiques and shops. In these stores, you can experience the personal touch rather than the sometimes cold and corporate environment of big retail. At our shop, we want our clients to experience art and custom framing in a non-threatening and comfortable environment.  This feeling permeates the store from the art and artists we feature to our framing center.

We realize that the process of design can be unfamiliar and intimidating for even the most experienced collectors.  This is especially true with the hundreds of matting and framing choices available today.  

‘When I started in the framing business thirty years ago, there was just a fraction of the matting and framing options available compared to today’s picture framing industry.” – Brent Allen, General manager

Art Framing Options & Info

There are many options for custom framing businesses throughout Oregon, although fewer now than in previous decades. Several local shops have been in business here for at least a couple of decades.  We applaud any of our fellow locally-owned frame shops for their efforts in maintaining through our ever-changing economy. We realize that picture framing is not a “have-to” commodity and so we value our customers’ commitment to purchase quality framing over less-expensive options.

We believe that these local shops have survived because of their commitment to the Salem community and to the values of their Northwest clients. Among our core values as a local small business are:

  1. Our commitment to our developing lasting customer relationships.
  2. Our commitment to individual attention for each client and project.
  3. Our commitment to quality and conservation in our framing.
  4. Our commitment to providing value, service and education to our clients about the framing process.
  5. Our commitment to our local business community and service in our city.

We value each and every project and customer that comes into our store. Many have been our friends for over 30 years and we’ve enjoyed getting to know and work with the next generations in their families. Our clients are our best advertising and we value the many positive comments and testimonials we’ve received in person and online.  The best comments we get are from people who have framed items that are uniquely personal to them.  Family photos, memorabilia and even kid’s artwork often bring more joy to our clients than expensive works of art.  We feel honored to have framed many of these with our clients and appreciate the trust that they put in us to design these keepsakes.  Seeing a client’s reaction when we present a finished piece to them is rewarding and sometimes, even emotional for all of us.

Over the years, we have framed almost anything you can imagine.  From intricate and complex collage designs to simple posters and family photos.  We pride ourselves in being able to find unique solutions for unique projects.  We can promise the best quality designs and stand behind each project. But mostly, we want our custom framing clients to feel like they are being heard in the process.  We want them to be a part of the design process from the material choices to décor preferences and even budget. Art and framing is a personal choice and we value our customer’s input into each decision. 

We are more than happy to help guide you through the design and framing process and we want our clients to be informed about the process, so that they can be comfortable with their choices.  On the other hand, we never want to impose our lofty design ideals on anyone or make anyone feel like their ideas aren’t valid. Design at our framing center starts with a conversation, not our opinion.

Elsinore Framing & Art Gallery In Salem

At our local Salem Picture framing company, custom framing is the backbone of what we do and remains our major source of income.  Because of this, we have put a lot of effort into keeping our custom framing affordable while maintaining the highest standards in the industry.  We want all our clients to feel good about their choices from the design elements, type of glass used and frames.  We offer a full selection of matting and framing options from economy to elegant.  We think that you find our shop to be comfortable, competent and competitive.  We encourage you to visit our custom framing center at:

Elsinore Framing & Fine Art Gallery
444 Ferry St SE
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 581-4642

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