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How Artwork Can Revamp the Attitude of an Office

Discovering the right corporate art can be difficult. Many offices want artwork that not only compliments their mission and their business, but also adds interest to their premises. Additionally, while past art collections have been a reflection of the company owner’s artistic tastes, modern offices are more likely to share art that enhances the workplace, benefiting both employees and customers alike. This design imperative often makes art consultation necessary, as the art collected and displayed in offices does not just fit the taste of one person.

Elsinore Framing works with companies of all sizes to find the perfect art for their offices, meeting spaces, hotel rooms, and more. Be sure to check out our page dedicated to Corporate Art & Framing if you have additional questions!

Tips For Creating The Best Corporate Art Collection

The perfect office décor includes art that creates a cohesive look which stays integrated no matter how much your company expands. There are several ways to retain cohesion and strengthen your company’s messaging through art. Below are five principles you can use as you seek out beautiful pieces to display in your offices.

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1. Consider the message you want to convey with your art.
Whether you are hoping to create the perfect office décor for one or two rooms, or you are looking to build a cohesive look that stays integrated throughout several buildings, it’s crucial that your company’s message or ideals come across. Art is an effective way to portray values that are meaningful to your business.

For example, Google has pieces created by individuals struggling with homelessness as part of their collection. This was done in part to help build a more beautiful environment. But this art was also purchased with their Millennial employees in mind – many of whom are passionate about working with companies that support meaningful social causes.

As you consider what type of art will adorn the walls of your business, it’s important to take a step back and think about what the art can convey. It may be that there is history behind specific pieces that makes you excited to use them as a medium for telling the story of your business.

2. Talk to employees and customers about what works or artists speak to them.
If you are considering updating your office design or decorating a new space with office art, talk with those who will frequent the building about what kind of art would make them happiest or most comfortable. You may get some inappropriate suggestions or hear artists that will never grace your walls. However, understanding what art would make an impact on clients and employees can provide a great launching off point for your interior designer and art consultant.

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3. Define the emotion you want to create through art.
Some great works of art exist to make the viewer uncomfortable or perplexed. While this may be fine in a gallery, it may not work well in a corporate office. Instead of considering work that exists to shock or jar the viewer, think about what emotion you’d like to create in your employees and customers.

Your art consultant, framing specialist, and designer can use this information to apply color theory to your artistic displays. For example, if you are hoping to create a calming environment in your dentist office, your consultant may consider blue, brown, or pink tones in your office art. However, if your business is a real estate office that would like to energize customers, your corporate art consultant may go for energizing colors like orange or yellow.

4. When in doubt, seek local artists.
It is always wonderful to honor local, independent artists who create beautiful works. Buying local art means you will always have a common thread that runs through each piece, no matter how many offices need to be decorated.

5. Use a different element like framing or matting to create cohesion.
It is often very difficult to always use color psychology in every piece of art you purchase. Fortunately, there is more to art than the piece itself. Custom matting and framing can go far in keeping your collection cohesive and developing a particular emotional response through color.

Additionally, custom framing can be used to keep the art in coordination with your company logo, furniture, and other interior design elements.

Elsinore Framing and Art Gallery is your resource for discovering the perfect art for your corporate office. We have spent years developing connections to hundreds of local artists and we work directly with interior designers and contractors for companies of every size. Contact us today to find out how we can curate the perfect collection for your business.