Trust the Picture Framing Experts at Elsinore Gallery to Frame your Memorabilia

Traditional picture frames have, for centuries been limited to basic squares, rectangles and the occasional oval frame.  We are breaking free of this limitation by offering many options in custom-shaped framing.  From quality ready-mades in rounds, fan-shapes and flag boxes to custom cut angles and multi-sided wood frames built to fit your project needs.  If it can be imagined, we will find a way to accomplish it.

Back in the time of the old masters, frame builders would sometimes get paid more than the artists due to the time-consuming nature of the frame-making process.  As you might know, most picture frame moulding comes in straight sticks these days rather than being hand-carved and shaped.  But today, we adapt these frames to different shapes with a combination of geometry, accurate tools and advanced joining systems.  We also have connections with several local and national frame companies that specialize in crafting uniquely shaped frames in a variety of sizes and finishes.  Here are just a few of the designs:

  1. OVAL/ROUND FRAMES You can order from 100’s of oval and round frames in a huge variety of sizes and finishes from traditional ornate, to sleek and modern contemporary profiles.  Along with these frames, we can custom design matting and provide custom cut glass or acrylics and domed glazing to fit each size.
  2. OBLONG/ROUNDED CORNER DESIGNS-These frames can be ordered for projects where you need to maximize viewing area but keep a softer edge to the design.  They range from rounded hexagons and octagons to cathedral designs. Many of these can also accommodate dome glass.
  3. FAN & SPECIALTY FRAMES-Need to frame an Oriental fan, guitar or baseball bat, we have options in shadowbox frames that can be custom created with depths up to 7” and over 30 styles of frame.  Special “Character” shapes can also be done in hearts, diamonds and more. Design services are available from the supplier.
  4. Multi-Angle frames- We can custom build multi-angle frames in a variety of our stock moulding and shadowbox frames.  These can be combined with custom collage matting to create a unique setting for photos, memorabilia and military commemoratives. Although 3 sides is the minimum, we can cut frames in up to 24 sides in a number of configurations and shapes.
  5. Extra deep frames– Sometimes, a frame that’s deeper than 7” is needed for things like wedding flowers, sculptural items or musical instruments.  For these items , we can accommodate them by building dimensional frames for the box portion, then adding your choice of frame for the face or top of the shadowbox.  Although these are mostly rectangular in shape, they can add a new dimension to framing without adding significantly to the framing cost.

Have a special shape in mind for a project?  Imagine the possibilities with us.  We always offer free consultations and estimates on custom framing. Visit our store at 444 Ferry St. SE in downtown Salem, OR to learn more about it.