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11 Creative Uses for Ready-Made Frames

Picture frames can do so much more than capture a beloved piece of art. Here at Elsinore Framing, we are always dazzled by the many uses that customers find for our ready-made frames. People purchase our “Frame it Fast” line of pre-built, gallery quality frames to craft trays, wall hooks, headboards, and more.

Creative people love crafting new DIY masterpieces with our high-quality prebuilt frames because they are durable, beautiful, and built with real wood. This makes them incredibly versatile as the frame can be sanded and painted, hung from a wall, or transformed into a piece of art in itself. No matter the project, our ready-made wood frames can be a sturdy element that supports any DIY showpiece. DIYers and artists are coming up with new uses for every-day items all the time! We have gathered some of our favorite concepts in the list below.

Pink Cassette Tape in Shadow Box
1. Shadow Box
A shadow box is a display case containing different objects. It can be used to display military achievements like medals and challenge coins, or memorable moments like bottles of pink sand, shells, and photos from a family reunion in the Bahamas.

While display cases can be purchased, you can also make your own shadow box by attaching a glass-fronted frame to a box filled with your favorite memories.

2. Wall Hooks
It’s hard to find wall hooks that won’t permanently hang in your home. If you’d like hooks that can be displayed, changed around, and removed, try framing some corkboard and installing the hooks there, or use a more sturdy backer like wood and in screw heavier gauge hooks.

Weekly Menu on Framed Chalkboard

3. Chalkboard
A chalkboard wall can be fun for kids – but also may become a pain to clean up. Instead of applying chalkboard paint to an entire wall, try framing designated drawing locations.

Merely paint the wood backing of the frame with chalkboard paint, and attach the frame to the wall. These are great for planning your weekly menus, or just having a designated drawing space for the kiddos!

4. Built-ins
If your home, office, apartment, or studio came with boring built-in box shelves, you can use a frame to spruce things up! Simply attach a frame permanently with finishing nails and adhesive – or less permanently with a removable adhesive. Your shelves will be transformed in a snap!

Picture Frame Tray

5. A Display Tray
Make like the Great British Bake Off and create a tray out of a picture frame. DIYers seem to be split on how this can be done, with some gluing paper or photos onto the glass display while others just flip the frame sideways and use it as a tray. Another option is to cut a piece of wood and attach it to the frame in place of glass to create a sturdier display or serving tray.


6. Vertical Chess Set
Put a new twist of the classic game of chess. By adding a piece of checkered wood to the back of a frame and small shelves for your chess pieces to be placed on, you can create a unique gift for all the strategic game-lovers in your life!

Collage of Wedding Photos

7. A Piece of Art
Layering different colors and styles of frames in a collage is a gorgeous way to showcase your creativity. Just be sure to connect the frames properly using strong adhesives like polyurethane glue, as well as finishing nails.

8. Headboard
If you enjoy upholstery, you’ll love the idea of using a large frame as a headboard. Simply upholster the headboard as you would, then attach the frame to create a dramatic look.

9. DIY Wreath
Just as one may frame a photo, you can use a frame to hang a wreath. If you want to get even more crafty, try deconstructing a wreath, then hang elements artistically from the top of the frame with a ribbon.

Chicken Wire Jewelry Holder

10. Jewelry Holder
If you’re a jewelry addict, you know finding a functional way to display and organize your pieces can pose a challenge. Try attaching chicken wire to the back of a frame! The gaps in the chicken wire provide the perfect hanging spots for earrings. For an added benefit, attach some hooks to the frame! These will provide designated areas for your necklaces, watches, and bracelets.

11. Floral Walls
We usually see flowers placed in a vase on a flat surface. However, if you absolutely love flowers, you can attach a vessel to your wall and frame it. This is an excellent option for families with small children who’d like to keep their beautiful bouquets away from tiny hands.

There are so many creative DIYers out there looking for new ways to use frames. Are you looking for picture frames in Salem, Albany, or Keizer, OR? Visit our Services page to check out the selection of ready-made frames from our Frame It Fast center!